What’s This About?

I’ve discovered as I’ve grown into a barely functional adult that I am in a unique position. I live, however sometimes reluctantly, with a condition called Juvenile Arthritis. But kids can’t get arthritis, right? Yeah sure, I’m a MASSIVE liar.

I was diagnosed officially when I was 11 years old, and until recently I never entirely believed my diagnosis was legitimate, but it totally is. Shock. Before I was 11 and I would be sent to the doctors with pain as a child, I was always told it was ‘just growing pains’. That is why I’ve called this blog just that, because thats original.

I intend to use this platform as a soapbox from which I will distribute my sarcastically positive ramblings, and hopefully reach out to other people who have also grown up with chronic illnesses in a different light. & by that, I mean that isn’t telling us we’re ‘stronger than everyone else‘ because of what we ‘fight through every day‘.. (not saying that isn’t helpful to some but it never helped me). I want to be honest about things that aren’t spoken about within this community. SUMMARY; I want a place to whinge.

Thanks, I’ll be here frequently for more negativity framed in a positive and hopefully humorous measure.




p.s. Did I mention I’m an illustrator? I’m so full of surprises. I drew the featured image, its a self portrait. I don’t look that linear in person, I promise.



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