Arthur’s Place

I frequently whinge that there are no online resources for young adults with arthritis. But my doctor recently told me about Arthur’s Place and I want to share it with the world, seeing as my independent research apparently missed it completely!

This may be the only resource I’m aware of but it’s AWESOME and it’s called Arthurs Place. The site contains advice on pretty much everything I ever complain about being a young adult with juvenile arthritis. It was created by rheumatology professionals, one of which was my doctor. It’s not written in that medical jargon type of nonsense that you get when you Google your medications either, it’s digestible and friendly and I wish I found it earlier.

If you’re a young adult living with chronic pain, I’d love to hear about online resources that help you! & If there isn’t any that you know of, tell me what you’d like to see.

FUN STORY; I emailed a local arthritis charity once and they told me they dealt with young people with arthritis and invited me to their coffee morning. When I went I was the youngest one there by 45 years (I’m 23). It was awkward.

Thank you once more for placating me.



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