Alcohol & Arthritis

This weekend is my lovably crazy older sister’s birthday. And when adults celebrate, it’s normally with alcohol which is AWESOME! Only, it’s not so wonderful the day after, is it? Especially not when you’ve got an inflammatory illness to contend with, not to mention medication clashing with whatever poison you drank the night before. It’s nasty.

But I’m young, and I’m stubborn. So, I refuse to let pain stop me from doing things every ‘normal’ 23 year old would do. This is why I’m compiling this list of tips to help other chronic illness warriors surrounding alcohol and partying. Because even though we shouldn’t drink, that doesn’t mean we don’t!


Honestly, I love beer. I learned this one the hard way, but wheat particularly in beer really flares up your joints. If you still want to drink it, try gluten free beer! San Miguel, Tennant’s, Estrella & Brewdog all have gluten free options now so there’s that.

2. The clearer the beverage, the less it hurts in the morning.

Okay I know this is common knowledge, but I find that if I drink vodka & soda or gin and tonic, my joints hurt substantially less the next day! Basically, the less sugar the less you’ll have a headache and sore joints. I’ve had a lot of practice.

3. Have an arthritis buddy!

It’s always good if you’re out with someone who understands your issues, and knows that when you say you’ve had enough, it means you’ve had enough. You don’t want people who are going to pressure you to stay out past your limit. Having someone that gets you and your condition always helps, even more so when there’s alcohol involved.

Those are my three main tips relating to alcohol and arthritis! For more information I recommend this page from Arthritis UK on medications, drinking and socialising as a young arthritis warrior.

Here’s a picture of my sister as a monkey baby, happy birthday Danielle! Thanks for reading!

Painfully, as always


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